Working notes for 2014


2014-02-10. Example BEAST XML for Dissect.

2014-02-28. Preprint and Supplementary information. The latter contains instructions for using Dissect.

2014-03-01. Dissect in BEAST. Compiled Java classes for development version of BEAST (v1), and instructions for use. It is likely that future development will be as a package for BEAST2.

2014-08-11. Coalescence times (maths) Some calculations on the distribution of the time of the first coalescence between sets of individuals in a population.

Dissect code

2014-03-01. R scripts used to run simulations for Dissect.

2014-03-01. BEAST2 and Intellij. How to do it.


2014-03-11. Could-do list. A list of possible papers and ideas.